5 Simple Steps to creating Glitter Lips!

Hi Beauties! Today I am going to share with you guys how you can create a simple Glitter Lip that will help you be the showstopper you are! Are you going on a date? Dressing to Impress? You want to walk into the room and make a statement? I am here to share with these... Continue Reading →


Coachella 2017 Inspiration Looks!

Hi Beauties! It is that time of year again! Brigette my business partner and I got inspired by Coachella!  We decided to do looks inspired by festival makeup. Look below to see my inspirational look and products I used to achieve this look and a little bit about the festival! What is Coachella? It is a... Continue Reading →


  Today we march, today we fight, today we don’t step aside. Never in my 29 years of age did I think I would be fearful of my women’s rights being threatened. As I read on the Women’s march page they asked many participators why they march; all answers were different. Pam H. “I am... Continue Reading →

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