Game Face Wipes – Refresh and Rejuvenate


Hi Friends! This is long overdue, I’m here to bring you guys a quick review on the Game Face Wipes. I was interested in trying these I have seen such great reviews on these and wanted to bring them to you guys. This is so great for people on the go! I am always on the go with my family and traveling that I need something quick to take these days alot of different brands don’t have beauty conscious ingredents that a good for your skin. This are great and they are HUGE! They are 11X7″ bigger than regular face wipes and they come with 25 per pack for $7.99 (USD).

“Stay Fresh on the fly” these wipes are great for clients who need wipes for many different uses such as athletes, moms on the go, hitting the gym, traveling, grooming and just for general skincare uses. Stay fresh on the fly with Game Face Wipes! Whether you’re soaking up the sun at the beach, hitting the gym, working on the construction site, landscaping the yard in the brutal heat, or simply just trying to catch your flight, Game Face Wipes are designed to help you stay fresh & clean while going about your daily responsibilities!

Game Face Wipes are formulated for men, but Lady users are welcome!The best thing about these wipes are that they are Paraben Free, Hypoallergenic, 98% Natural, 100% Biodegradable, Dermatologist Tested. Made In The USA! Learn About the Brand For years, hygiene wipes have been a product almost exclusively dominated by the female demographic market, although studies have suggested that men use hygiene wipes at a near equal rate, despite not having a brand identified with their gender. Game Face wipes are designed to fill that void in the men’s grooming department!

The wipes I have tried recently are the Cleansing- Fresh and Rejuvenate Wipes. They smell amazing! Nice and Fresh I love the fact that they are not oversaturated with moisture they are just right. They are great for removing makeup as well, You feel super refreshed after usage.
Here are the following they have additionally to the line. You can find more about the brand and what they have offer click on the link. They also do a subscription box which is great monthly! Check it out!


Anti-Bacterial “Warrior” Wipes
The anti-bacterial “Warrior Wipes” are made with a mild hand/body sanitizing cleansing formula that kills germs and leaves the skin feeling clean & fresh. They are eco-friendly wipes are perfect for gym rats of all degrees to keep themselves free of MRSA and other staph based bacteria that are common in work out facilities.

Cooling Facial Wipes
The “Cooling Wipes”are specifically designed to keep you cool in the hottest of situations, wiping away sweat without leaving any trace of residue. Cool down, energize & get back in the game.


I really hope you guys enjoy these check them out and for such a great price point and the fact that they are unisex even better! Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!




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