Update – Sorry I have been away!

Hi Friends!

Hope everyone is doing well! I am so sorry I have been away! A Lot has been happening in my world I have not been able to keep up! Where do I even start?

My daughter started Kindergarten this week, I am so excited and emotional all at once! Being an Entrepreneur and Full Time Mommy these past couple weeks have been crazy!

I also, just celebrated my 30 something Birthday in Dallas, Texas pics coming soon! I am so grateful to see another year! I am looking forward to what is next.

This past weekend, we had to embrace Hurricane Harvey that devastated the whole State of Texas. Born and raised here in Texas for most of my life, I remember as a kid going down to Port A and the gulf coast around this time of the year.

I am emotionally effected in the state our cities are in and my love for Houston, Texas. I worked out of Houston the last two years of my career. So I know many friends and family that had a evacuate and some that have lost everything. Sitting back and feeling so hopeless in time of need is never a good feeling.

This weekend, my business partner and friends are donating our time to local shelters in the Austin area that need support. For my love of animals and children, I have some companies I am trying to work closely with to see what people need and what needs to be donated. I will put up this evening or tomorrow if anyone would like to donate or support us here in the Lone Star State.

So far it’s a beautiful thing to see all the support Texas is getting from everyone all over the world! We can put aside race, hate and just come together as one. 


It’s still not over some over! Our coastal areas are at a complete 100% loss. So it’s only the beginning! We will get through this we always do! Texas come hell or high water we got this!

I love you guys! I will stay in touch real soon!





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