SoCozy’s NEW Sensitive Hair Care Products for Kids

Hi Friends!

So today I am bringing you guys a new review. This is newest formulation created by SoCozy for kids who have sensitive hair. The Four products I will sharing with you are the Hush Sensitive Serum, Hush Sensitive Foam, Hush Sensitive 2 in 1 and Hush Sensitive Detangler. Hope you enjoy! You can find SoCozy online and instore at Target,CVS and Walgreens. Check out all SoCozy has to offer. Thanks Brandbacker for giving me a chance to try these new wonderful products and they work so well for my daughter curly mixed textured hair. SoCozy does not disappoint!




Hush Sensitive Serum

Non-greasy, leave-in formula that helps calm an irritated scalp, working to stop itch and reduce dry flakes.


Hush Sensitive Foam

Lightweight mousse that provides natural-looking hold, without disrupting the balance of a sensitive scalp.


Hush Sensitive 2in1

Gentle purifying cleanser, specially formulated with sensitive skin and scalp in mind.


Hush Sensitive Detangler

Lightweight spray that smooths and detangles, while nourishing and adding moisture to hair without disrupting the balance of a sensitive scalp.

Personal Review

These products are fantastic if used together as kind of like a system – my daughter is mixed with light curly waves and is extremely sensitive to any products I put on her hair or body. She did very well with these products I was very surprised. I know not all products work well with mixed children’s hair. Especially curly, kinky hair we use the system for about 3 weeks significantly I saw change in texture and hydration. She loves the 2in1 Shampoo with the massage bristled Top she loves the massage it give that extra luxury feeling. I would recommend to use it 2 times to 3 times a week depending on how many times you wash your child’s hair.

If you want to learn more about SoCozy visit!


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