e.l.f. Voxbox – Influenster Review


Hi Beauties! I am so excited to share with you guys my review on this amazing box I received from e.l.f. cosmetics and Influenster. I have personally really never tried e.l.f. products like this before. I am excited I got a chance to review and some great affordable skincare and beauty products. Please let me know some of your favorite e.l.f. products for me to try and review. If you guys don’t know about Influenster and what it is all about I will put the link down below so you can check it out.

e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask ($14.00 USD)


Now, let me tell you… I was super super excited to try this mask. This mask helps to hydrate, nourish the skin. It is a gel that transforms into a bubble mask on the face. It bubbles up and foams helps to remove excess dirt and cleanse pores. Unfortunately, for me it didn’t work created a rash on my face and had to discontinue the product. I am sure that others may love it. I absolutely, love the concept and the affordable prices.

Oh! So alot of people love this primer, for the price it is pretty amazing. This mineral infused primer helps to transform your face and create a smooth finish. Helps to combat against dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. It is multipurpose skin primer that helps to prepare your skin so the makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

It now features a air pump for you to be able to easily use this particular primer. You do have to pump it several times before the product depenses. So just heads up if nothing is coming out.

How to use:

Make sure to apply on clean skin after moisturizer. Use your fingertips or a Beauty Blender wet. Apply a pea size amount to face starting with cheeks, T-zone and where you mostly get oily or have significant pores.



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