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Hi beauties!

I am so excited to bring this to you guys! I was introduced to this amazing brand couple years back at The Makeup Show Dallas. My first Amika product was the dry shampoo I got a trial size of it last year and was so surprised how that little can of magic could change so much to my hair within matter of weeks.

Have you heard of Amika before?

If your answer is no, Let me share a little bit with you about the brand itself. It was founded by industry outsiders in Williamsburg Brooklyn back in 2007. The antithesis of a typical beauty brand.

Instead of them believing in in unattainable perfection they believe in idiosyncratic and everyone’s individual version of beauty.

The culture of the brand delivers fun and a sunny disposition from looking at the packaging. How could you not smile or be happy while looking these products and brand?

Amika’s products are like “good friends” – straightforward, dependable, and fun to spend time with. At Amika they are obsessed with this ‘super fruit” Sea Buckthorn Berry, so in every product it is infused into the each with love.

Brand Values

I love the brands values that they are on a quest to always bring the best technologies and ingredients to deliver high performing products. They are a strong believer in keep their products Vegetarian- friendly, crultey- free and free from any MIT, MCI, Phthalates, sulfates and artificial colors.



Balancing Shampoo $16(USD)

This Balancing Shampoo helps to naturally purify and cleanse the hair while using essential oils, antioxidants, fatty acids, and a myriad of vitamins and nutrients.

Tip: Lather the formula with less than a quarter to dime size in hair. this will help to replenish stressed hair leaving it manageable and incredibly voluminous. Help to clarify for the ultimate deep cleanse.


Nourishing Mask $28 (USD)

I am in L-O-V-E with this Nourishing Mask. It helps to deeply condition and hydrates hair by delivering nutrients deep into the hair’s core. The results are amazing! Helps to create lasting shine, elasticity and easy to manage.

Tip: Leave on 10-20 minutes for instant hydration and rinse and style with your favorite styling products. Use up to 3 times a week for instant results.


Perk Up Dry Shampoo $24(USD)

I was first introduced to Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo last year at The Makeup Show Dallas and I have been hooked ever since. I love how it helps to maintain your perfect style everyday. it is a Dry shampoo and texture spray all in one. Enriched with natural rice starch, which immediately works to absorb excess oils, Perk Up Dry Shampoo is one of the only dry shampoos on the market formulated without aluminum starch or telltale, chalky talc. If you are need in a quick cleanse without showering this is for you. Helps to give you a boost of perfect volume and a slight light mist of Sea Buckthorn berry- infused formula.

Tip: Spray to the roots adds instant volume and amplification. Use with your favorite hair tool etc.


Silken Up Dry Conditioner $24(USD)

THIS!! Is my everything! The Silken Up Dry Conditioner is weightless conditioner that is infused with antioxidant- packed, dry formulation that will help keep your hair looking light and glossy with a soft sheen. Helps cut out static and helps to detangle if needed.

TIP: Use on clean hair for lightweight nourishment and silkiness or use on second day hair for a freshly washed look!

To find out more about AMIKA Haircare check out you get free shipping over orders $30.00 (USD) or more!




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