MAC Selena Collection Launch Today in stores!!


OMG! Where do I start?!

Brigette and I went to our local Macy’s this morning and camped out from 6am until they opened the doors for 10 AM. We literally decided last minuet the night before that we had been ‘DREAMING’ of these lipsticks and wanted to get on the opportunity to get them in store before it was too late. When we arrived at 6 AM there was about 10 people already ahead of us. So hit or miss we knew we would be pushing our luck.

This collection will go down in history and this most highest anticipated collection and successful launch of all time for MAC cosmetics. What an amazing time to be a MAC Artist and for Selena’s family celebrating her legacy and vision through beauty. It was a pretty emotional event for everyone I am sure involved dedicated true fans all wanted to get a part of history.



To me Selena was a true timeless beauty and will always remain as a fashion icons for a lifetime to come. Her Iconic wing liner and bold red lips stick amongst the most attractive wanted look in the industry still today. So if you get a chance to stop by your local MAC this weekend just to take pictures, celebrate the legacy of SELENA.

Personally, I only decided on getting the three lipsticks from the collection. Selena always inspired me when she wore that signature lip so what better way to create my own person look with these 3 beautiful lipsticks. Below we have swatches of the three gorgeous shade available in the collection.


Rumor has it if you have NOT been able to get collection restock will be tonight at midnight so please stay tuned and good luck on purchasing such an iconic collection! Best Wishes to all, and thank you MAC for making this happen! Can’t wait to see what is next! #OnceaMACgirlalwaysaMACgirl


Amor Prohibido Glaze Lipstick, $18

Coma La Flor Lipstick, $18

Dreaming Of Your Matte Lipstick, $18



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