AQUATION: All Day Moisture Care


Hey beauties! I got a chance to be introduced to a new amazing brand Aquation All Day Moisture Care. It is an exclusive brand that can be found online or at your local Walmart stores. It’s price mark is very affordable, and surprisingly amazing products. It has clinically been proven to balance skin’s hydrations and helps soften texture of skin. There are so many thing environmentally and physically that can affect our skin on the daily. Which as we know, can not control them all. I love this brand it has been my first time trying it. My family loves it as well my daughter has skin issues especially eczema and it works wonders to keep her skin hydrated. It is made for the most sensitive of sensitive skin highly recommended! Check out three core products they have to offer below.



Powered by Hydro Balance™ $8.96 (USD)

Available in: 16 FL OZ / 473 mL

This Gentle cleanser is great for face and body! I tried it take off my makeup it melted everything away. I don’t usually use cleansers that can be used on face and body. This moisturizing cleanser definitely did the job. It help refresh skin, feeling nice and fresh. The formula never felt dry it has to same formula enriched ingredents to help secure hydrations in skin help maintain the skin’s natural barrier. Great price point must I add for the amount of product you receive.



Powered by Hydro Balance™ $8.96 (USD)

Available in: 16 FL OZ / 453 mL

This  Moisturizing cream is amazing! I love the face it’s rich and hydrating. Perfect after shaving or dramatic weather changes. It helps skin feel smooth and soothes any itch or irritations associated with moisture loss. It’s advance technology will help instantly with hydration. 




Powered by Hydro Balance™ $8.96 (USD)

Available in: 16 FL OZ / 473 mL

You can replenish your daily moisture with this amazing lotion it’s lightweight with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to restore skin’s natural water balance. It absorbs nicely you can use it all over the face and body. Great for clients with dry cracked skin or eczema. It provides 24 hour hydration Fragrance Free and Non-comedogenic. Directions as followed use as needed or if directed by a physician.

Aquation consists of a family of hydrating cleansers, creams, and moisturizers. You can learn more about Aquation at:

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