BAMBOO Fragrance Review – franck olivier from Fragrance Outlet

Hey Beauties! I am so excited to bring you guys the latest Fragrance I was introduced to from Fragrance Outlet, Inc. BAMBOO from Franck Oliver.

A little bit about Fragrance Outlet, Inc. they own and operate over 100 Fragrance outlets and designer fragrance stores. The first store was the Fragrance Outlet which debut in November 1990 just outside of Washington, DC.

Concept Of The Company

The concept for the company is simple – they wanted to be able to offer the best selected fragrances from the best designers, sold by knowledgeable and friendly staff with affordable prices. Fragrance Outlet expanded throughout the years opening store in the best Outlet Centers across the country and Guam. They also plan to exceed over 100 more store over the next several years.

Fragrance outlet has been able to provide a loyal customer base online for purchasing affordable Fragrances – without ever having to leave the comfort of home. The shopping experience is quick, easy and just with a click of a button.I love online shopping! I rarely go to malls these days unless it’s something specific not carried online. Online shopping is the most convenient thing created.

About BAMBOO From Franck Oliver



2.5 oz. for *89.00 (USD)Sale Alert! Use Code: CLR50 for 50% OFF

The experience of Bamboo is such a captivating scent! Bamboo for women is exclusive fragrance sold only by Fragrance Outlet which was launched by Franck Olivier in 2012. It was inspired by the bamboo plant, an easter symbol. This fragrance is fill will beauty. It’s glass bottle has a trendy bamboo stem, carrying a light pink color that symbolizes freshness.


Top notes: Blackcurrant, violet leaves, ivy
Middle notes: Lily, rose, ylang-ylang, freesia
Base notes: Musk, cedar and vetiver

Attachment-1 2.png

Online Process

The online process from The Fragrance Outlet was simple and easy. I absolutely loved the sample bag they sent me. I was able to try some ones I had never discovered before. It came in this adorable white box wrapped in a ribbon bow! I didn’t even want to open it was so nice! The shipping was quick and easy within 1-3 business days it I received it. It would make such an amazing gift! Check out what Fragrance Outlet has to offer at pre-gifted boxes you can never go wrong with.


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