Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

Hey Beauties! Back with another review from Valentia! The new Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum. It’s an all natural & organic formula designed to help minimize fine line and wrinkles.

It’s main featured ingredients consist of:

Licorice & Gotu Kola- Work together to help lighten unwanted hyperpigmentation and unwanted acne scarring and helps correct some unwanted discoloration on surface of epidermis.
Argan Oil- Help with hydration and keeps skin looking smoother.
Wakame(Seaweed) – Increases the oxygen and hydration in the skin. It’s a powerful seaweed that helps detoxifying the skin and helps boost antioxidants in skin.
Lactic Acid – This is natural AHA that helps to plump fine lines and increases skin’s natural thickness and help produce cell turnover.

I feel like many clients always have relatable issues that could fit into this category for this serum. A Lot of clients claim that this product is the holy grail product to keeping the skin ‘on track’. It provides all you need and more to keep skin hydrated, renews texture and reveals more of a radiant brighter complexion.


My personal experience: (4 weeks overall experience)

Beginning of week 1:

My first week I was having some issues with hormonal breakouts which I never do. I was dealing with some texture from dryness from being out in the sun a lot. I needed to find a product that would help with some scarring on my chin. I probably wasn’t using my skincare as religious as I usually do.

After week 4 Results:

I notice a change in texture my skin became softer and less acne on my chin from my hormonal breakouts. I notice my skin had became brighter and looked more hydrated overall. I added this serum into my daily regiment with my other products I use. I was using a serum from Dr. brand which was a little too abrasive. Changing serums really made a big difference in hydration.

Valencia has LIFETIME GUARANTEE- Try our Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum Today. They believe in the power of the product and what it can do for you and your skin.


Overall: I Highly recommended this serum for more natural beauty conscious brand. The price of the serum is very reasonable.$35.00 USD and for 1.18 OZ. Cruelty free, Made in USA,Vegan and Organic. You can check out some of the latest product developments on or at They have an Eye cream that is simply amazing! True Glow Eye Cream is one of my personal favorite products from the brand.

Thank you dolls for visiting hope you have a wonderful week!

Xo, Christina


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