Review – My first Colourpop purchase! Super Shock Shadows & Ultra Satin Lips


O.M.G.!! I am living for Colourpop cosmetics! I must say I was so excited to purchase Colourpop Cosmetics a couple of my favorite beauty guru’s in the industry told me I wouldn’t be disappointed with the brand quality and the price. They were so right! I decided for my first purchase I would get 4 of the Super Shock shadows and 1 of the new Ultra Satin Lip stains. I am so in love with the metallic finish of these shadows! The brand has many different finish in their shadow selections such as Glitter Sheer, Satin, Matte, Metallic, Ultra-Metallic, Pearlized and Pressed Pigment.

These are the four shades I decided to purchase, ones that I could easily use in my kit on my clients and looking stunning. I absolutely fell in love with the Ultra Metallic finish! It looks so good on the lids as a finished look. I was so super impressed by the finish of these shadows! I know I will most definitely be purchasing again.


Size of product of Super Shock Shadows – NET WT. 2.1.G / 0.07 oz $5.00 USD

  • IBIZA – Pearlized finish
  • BOY BAND – Ultra Metallic
  • CHEAP DATE – Ultra Metallic
  • GLITTERATI – Metallic


Tips on how to use Super Shock Shadows 

Colourpop sends you this cute little tutorial book on How To use their products which I think is so fantastic especially for beginners or clients who may not know how to apply certain texture or shades below is a couple tips and tricks provided about the shadows.

  1. FOR ULTIMATE MAXIUM COVERAGE – Use fingertip and tap shadow onto the eyelid. They recommend you to use a flat, firm synthetic brush that will help give you the most precise application.
  2. TO BLEND – Use a fluffy brush that had good movement, dip and tip the brush into the shadow. This will create better softer diffused dimension onto the eyes. One of my ultimate favorite brushes is M.A.C. #217 it’s my holy grail I literally own over 20 of them no joke! (My business partner Brigette will tell you I can’t live without it!)
  3. WHEN FINISHED– You must make sure you CLOSE YOU SHADOW!! Do not leave it open. They say you may “lose some of the magic that makes Super Shock Shadows so amazzzing!



Size of product of Ultra Satin Lip – NET WT. 3.2 g / 0.1128 oz $6.00 USD

Marshmallow – Ultra Satin LipQXRA1886

3 Tips on how to use Ultra Statin Lips

  1. Make sure your lips are bare and dry. You may want to start with exfoliating the lips first. One of my favorite lip scrubs is Bite Beauty’s Cherry Lip Scrub and their Agave lip mask.
  2.  Apply a lip pencil or “lippie” as they call it for a precise application
  3. Apply with your Ultra Matte Lip your favorite tool.


I’m so excited for my next purchase! Let me know if you guys have a any suggestions of what I should try next from the brand. I am interested in the new brow products they have come out with. Hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it! If you haven’t already follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @cparissparkles have a wonderful day!


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 6.36.31 PM





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