Influenster – Yves Saint Laurent-TOUCHE ECLAT Neutralizers

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Yves Saint Laurent-TOUCHE ECLAT Neutralizers

These amazing highlighters and correctors help target and neutralize color imperfections on the skin. The award – winning brand created these beautiful must-have color correcting pens for flawless skin or for easy to use application. With just one-click it allows you to perfectly target your personal targeted issues. It features three- color correcting shades. Each will address a number of concerns and help add natural brightness and glow to the skin. The lightweight formula allows you to customize your amount used on skin to light to medium coverage for your personal correction. You also, are able to wear it under or over your foundation. It is enriched with vitamin E, also this highlighter helps protect against free radicals.

Three shades available that work best for your skintone:

  • Green: Helps with blemishes and helps conceal redness for uneven skintone.
  • Bisque: Corrects blemishes and conceals redness for an even skintone.
  • Violet: Corrects yellow, dull skin for a dewy- healthy look on the skin

My Personal Experience

I am obsessed with the Violet one! I lately feel like my skin has been a little more dull due to our bipolar weather here in Texas. I can’t get enough moisture and enough brightening. I already love a soft dewy illuminating look on my skin. I was highly impressed with the correction it gave on my skin and how bright my skin looked after my application. Below here is a picture of me before and after. The best tool for this application I felt was my finger tips and a micro-mini sponge from Beauty Blender. Comment below how you like to apply your neutralizer I would love to hear your feedback.




Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most influential and most inspired designers of the world. YSL is one the most recognized signature symbols in the beauty industry. The style of the brand is classic and modern. The YSL style reflects in the beauty industry as one of the most fashionable brands to do with ready-to wear,jewelry, accessories, fragrance and cosmetics.


**Touche Eclat can be purchased at http:/ or**

** This product was send to me for testing purposes through check out how you can be apart of Infulenster!**

“Shine bright like a Diamond!”


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