Studio 35 beauty – 5 PIECE ROSY CHEEK SET

Studio 35 beauty – 5 PIECE ROSY CHEEK SET – $12.99(USD)

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.44.39 PM

Limited Edition- Studio 35 beauty came out with this 5 piece Rosy Cheek Set. I’m a sucker for cute packaging. I have never really tried “drugstore” brushes but these caught my eye so I thought I would give them a shot!


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 3.53.23 PM

The 5 brush set consist of the following:

Flat-Full Coverage Foundation Brush

Large Powder Brush

Dense “Flush” Brush

Full Eye Shadow Brush

Soft Liner Brush

Flat Full- Coverage Foundation Brush  is used for applying liquid foundation or powder foundation over face for flawless coverage.


Large Powder Brush – Who doesn’t love a good powder brush? This brush used for applying pressed or loose powder – Tip: Use brush in circular motions to create a natural light to medium coverage.


Dense Flush Brush – I love this brush because it’s used for adding cream or powder blush over cheeks. For more of a concentrated application this dense brush allows you to create a natural to bold finish of skin.


Full Eye Shadow Brush –  This brush is used for adding depth into the crease or on entire eyelid. Can be used with colored cream or powdered shadows or products.


Soft Liner Brush – This soft applicator brush with help you define the eye area with cream or liquid products to create a perfect precise line of eyes.


Care tip follows- Wash with mild soap and water. I have a feeling with brushes being pink and white you may need a really good solid cleanser! Such as Beauty Blender Solid cleanser sold at SEPHORA or Japonesque Goat’s Milk Solid Cleanser can be found at ULTA.


Overall: The packaging is super cute! I think these are a great addition to anyone starting out as a makeup artist or loves to collect limited edition items.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.00.43 PM


I like the fact that Walgreens gives a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED if you do not like products purchased at Walgreens. Check out your #1 Beauty destination for drugstore brands at You can also see the other items from Studio 35 beauty on!




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