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I love Givenchy the glam life as we all know. Givenchy was created by Hubert Taffin de Givenchy. You can find more information about the History of Givenchy at


Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm


  • This innovative formula moisturizes and provides flushed tint to lip and cheeks. Contains pigments that react with skin’s humidity to create a personalized hint of color and glow on the lips and cheeks.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid spheres to bring moisture and fill in dehydration lines, helps provide plumping action on cheeks and lips.
  • Lip and cheeks are replenished by Luffa oil- a rich fatty acid that helps soften texture and gives a creamy natural flushed look on skin.

Top 3 reasons you will love this product!

  1. I love this lip and cheek balm because of the hyaluronic acid infused in the product. It will help plum the skin giving you the dewy natural high shine on lips and cheeks and help minimize texture on lips and cheeks.
  2. The adjustable color pigments will personalize your perfect tone to your skin. Did you know that a light pink tone will brighten your skin?
  3. You can replace your boring chapstick into chic fabulous jar amazingness!


Givenchy Gelee D’ Interdit Smoothing Gloss 


  • This balm is a glossy, sheer finish with long-term smoothing and plumping effects.
  • Some important ingredients include dehydrated hyaluronic microspheres which slip into the lips fine lines and hold the water naturally within the skin’s surface. Vegetal extract has a strong long-term revitalizing and smoothing properties while adding comfort and hydration from cameline oil.
  • Gelée d’Interdit gloss is a wax-free finish and is paraben- free.

Top 3 Reasons why you will love this product

  1. It’s high shine finish is never dry or sticky. It’s smooth light weight texture add a beautiful glossy finish to the lips. It is known to support the natural cell renewal process, preventing dead skin care cells which can create irregular texture.
  2. I love this gloss because you can use it on top of your favorite lipstick or lip stain for a beautiful 3D finish.
  3. It will help with texture and dryness for comfort. #11 Sparkling Petal is one of my favorite shades.


Givenchy’s Phenonen’Eyes Mascara


  • The mascara features a #60 degree brush that has precise “S” brush shade to coat and separate every lash.
  • The top notch innovation mascara has a new hydrating polymer that prevents smudging and is humility proof.
  • Phenonen’Eyes Mascara has a 360- degree, modern brush that has a precise “S’ brush shape to coat from root to tip. Great for even short lashes and creating depth and dimension

Top 3 reason why you will love this product!

  1. You will love this formula because it is Non-sticky and easy to apply – I recommend this for any beginner client to mascara or someone looking to build your mascara wardrobe. I love to use more than one mascara for length and curling this a great one for definition as well.
  2. I love that this formula is created in Black or Brown and also comes in waterproof.
  3. It’s unique 360-degree sphere style brush is exclusive to the brand and partnership that Givenchy has in the beauty industry.


Givenchy’s Nior Couture Mascara


  • Paraben Free- Formula – It’s a carbon black finish one of the blackest formulas found on the market today.
  • This formula features silica micro-beads filled with keratin to protect lashes
  • It also contains nourishing rice peptides.
  • The unique two- tones black and white brush contains black bristles to create dramatic instant volume and the white represents and specializes for high definition.

Top 3 Reason why you will love this product!

  1. If you love dramatic full sexy lashes I would highly recommend this formula even for a smaller lash line application. I have really small lashes so it has always been a challenge for me to fine a perfect mascara this is in my top 5 of all time mascara’s.
  2. You will love this mascara with it’s unique formula the packaging very chic and beautiful.
  3. This formula comes in various shades of Black, Brown and Blue.


Givenchy’s Teint Couture Balm


  • The Teint Cotour balm is an ultralightweight, water-like foundation that gives a bare-skin effect.
  •  It gives a nice lightweight application can be used as a tinted-moisturizing foundation or primer. It is infused with light-reflecting diamond powder, that helps correct blemishes and give you pure radiance to the skin.
  • This foundation has antioxidant complex of vitamin E and Jasmine flower that work together to protect and revitalize the skin.

Top 3 Reasons why you will love this product!

  1. I love that you can apply this foundation with your finger it’s the best application for this formula.
  2. This foundation has diamond powder infused to give an amazing pre-filtered finish on skin last up to 6 to 8 hours.
  3. I don’t normally care for SPF 15 formulations in my foundation but I love the face that this one will not effect the camera-flash back and is HD formulated.


Check out all the other amazing beauty finds from Givenchy Beauty at or!


              **Products in the review are gifts thank you so much! I love Givenchy!**




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