Hey gorgeous! 

Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m so excited to bring you all things beauty. As a working artist and mother in this industry. I feel like we should all feel beautiful in our own skin and own up to our personally beauty standards. I love beauty and fashion ever since I was a little girl. Since I got caught in 1st grade with my red hot lipstick trying to makeovers on the playground. (Yes, that is a true story! lol)


My Personal Mission

My personal mission is to spread education and awareness on all things beauty and education through services. I take pride in my craft and my gift I was given. I want to share it with all of you beauties and my fellow mothers out there!  I hope to help you grow as your person beauty guru! So let’s beauty together and get this started!


About Me

Christina here!

As most of you know me as Sparkles! I have been a beauty entrepreneur going on two years now. I have been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. I am based out Austin, Texas y’all ! I decided to take this new journey back at the end of 2014. With the birth of my one and only baby sparkles. I decided I was ready to move on from the cosmetic retail world. I had spent over a decade dedicating my life to it. I don’t regret the things I learned, the clients I met and most importantly the friends I call family still today.

I feel as if retail management and education shaped me into the person I was always meant to be. I have determination, patiences and I’m now very goal oriented. I have done things through my career I am so proud of and I continue to grow as an artist everyday. A good artist knows you NEVER stop learning.

I have worked for many well-known brands such as M.A.C , ULTA, SEPHORA, GIVENCHY Beauty and Beauty Blender. (Pretty much every brand you can think of I’ve done it…)

I have done many trade shows, worked with celebrity artist and traveled as a pro team member for years. I have represented my brands in many high fashion leveled events such as NYFW and Austin Fashion Week. I also, love production work such as film and entertainment.

My biggest passion and regret through my years is not having enough work life balance. I feel as if that is something us industry pros lack sometimes. I promised myself that throughout this journey I will take full advantage of being able to share my dreams and passions with the world. But, also to be able to make enough time for family.

My family is everything to me, if someone asked me where do you see yourself in 5 years? I would not imagined this is where I would be. I am loving every minute of it, being a beauty entrepreneur and a loving mother! I couldn’t ask for anything more. I love what I do and everyone who knows me personally knows this is ‘ALL I KNOW IS BEAUTY!’


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.48.06 AM.png

Luxe and Lotus 

 I also have a Beauty Brand with Brigette Ramos of Brigetteramos.com! We are a dynamic duo, I love this girl so much we are so excited to share with you guys the same passion we share together. Stay tuned to see what we have in store you guys! I am blessed beyond measures to have this special business partner I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else! XO!



  • Twitter: @Luxeandlotus
  • IG: @Luxeandlotus
  • Pintrest: @Luxeandlotus
  • Youtube: @Luxeandlotus

I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you so much for visiting and I hope we can grow together and create magic!

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